Helping Hitachi lead debate on small business outlook at a time of change.

Our Insight

Anyone can have opinions, but in the current challenging economic environment, we think advice should always be researched, qualified and evidence-based.

At elephant communications we invest considerable time and resources conducting market research among businesses and consumers. Our aim with clients is to go to the table with fresh evidence-based insight from which engaging, intelligent debate can develop and considered advice can be acted upon.

We currently run six rolling research studies a year exploring small business outlook, media habits, consumer reaction to austerity, trust in industry sectors and drivers of confidence. The quality of our work is recognised by the lectures we are invited to present in academic and business circles. For clients, we share our research to frame planning and creative work.

To find out more about or latest research and how our archive can help your organization, contact us.

Guy is that rare breed, a powerhouse of intelligent ideas, strategic thinking and creativity - who also has the ability to stimulate and bring out the very best in those he works with. He has the art of getting to the heart of the matter, seemingly effortlessly. I have to say that working with Guy is always challenging, stimulating, a great pleasure and never dull. Juliet Strachan, MD HPI Research