Most of our work involves us providing Board level strategic advice or managing communications programmes.

With elephant there is also a third way, something we call 'elephant insourced.'

Develop your internal communication skills

For smaller organisations that have to work with small budgets, there can be a challenge out-sourcing PR to an agency. The budget often doesn't stretch far and it can become an endless problem achieving real value for money.

Over the last decade, we have run a programme called 'in-sourced.' Here we help a client to develop PR proficiency in-house, developing a team of people to become competent in running their own press office - often as an add-on to their day job. Our senior advisers run this programme ensuring real wisdom and best practice frames our training of a client team.

One year to self-sufficiency

Run over 12-months the programme helps small organisations to run their own day-to-day communications, keeping the knowledge and skills in-house. This saves them valuable budget over the long-term as has proven to be a good way to develop people internally.

The results of this programme have been excellent over the years. The proof in the pudding is that one of our directors today first learned PR as a client through this elephant insourced programme. After a career move into PR - and a few companies later - he joined our ranks as an excellent consultant. Proof enough this programme really works.

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