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How we do it

We invest in relationships. We have built a way of working with clients that aims to make the experience of working with elephant rewarding and enjoyable.

Senior leadership: We are a senior heavy team and at elephant our senior consultants do the day-to-day work.

Financial options: We offer clients more choices in the way clients engage us, beyond the simple model of retainers and projects. We have re-written the rule book here to give clients more choice, control and flexibility.

The big, little things: We also invest in getting the important little things right. We offer clients access to our research for free, we openly share media lists, we have a zero mark-up policy on disbursements, and we can usually save clients considerable sums on media monitoring. We survey in-house teams annually and base what we do on what clients want.

Number one: We don’t do conflicts. We don’t believe a client benefits from Chinese walls or having an agency that also works for their competitors. We only work for one brand in a given market or product area and will not temper our desire to give them the best ideas and opportunities. To us a conflict is a conflict. End of.

elephant: a perfect name for this new agency because for sure, it’s going to make big footprints in the future and indeed, is already making its mark. Founder Guy Bellamy has an intellect as bright as the shirts he wears, brimming with ideas. Ian Crowder, The AA