Sustainability focus for a new era

Since launch, elephant communications has followed a desire for the business to make a positive and authentic contribution to society at large.
January 10, 2022

For many years, we have run free advice days for small busi­ness start-ups, sup­port­ed cre­ativ­i­ty in schools, giv­en uni­ver­si­ty talks and sup­port­ed food banks. Our pri­ma­ry activ­i­ty since 2012, how­ev­er, has been to sup­port ele­phant con­ser­va­tion. The com­bi­na­tion of time and mon­ey com­mit­ed, we have invest­ed around £75,000 to sup­port ele­phant con­ser­va­tion by work­ing with con­ser­va­tion char­i­ties, ele­phant hos­pi­tals, aware­ness events and social enterprises.

As we re-emerge from lock­down into a new world — and with our 10th anniver­sary ahead — we have decid­ed to sup­port new projects as we going into our sec­ond decade as a busi­ness. Across the team, sus­tain­abil­i­ty was the top­ic every­one want­ed to sup­port, specif­i­cal­ly the cli­mate emer­gency. We already do a lot of work in this area and com­mis­sion research. So from sum­mer 2022 we will announce a pro­gramme on sus­tain­abil­i­ty we will be work­ing to as the main focus of our com­mu­ni­ty invest­ment programme.