The elephant in the room

The world has changed. The unprecedented events of recent months changed the way we live, the way we work and the way we communicate.

Businesses had to adapt quickly to lockdown and, as the country re-emerges from isolation, many organisations now have to re-model their business plans, to re-think how to engage with their audiences and to communicate effectively at a time when, for many, budgets are being cut. As businesses prepare for the new reality, the purpose, tone and focus of communications needs to be re-thought for the new world we find ourselves in.

elephant communications launched in the aftermath of the financial crisis, we are a business that knows how to help businesses when market conditions are most challenging. We have a business model and a service offering designed to help organisations to cut through the white noise and make informed, evidenced decisions when it matters the most. Now is a time for brands to stand tall, to lead conversations and rebuild confidence. Our low cost business model and reputation for game-changing thinking allows us to help clients prepare for what’s next, to grow and engage their audiences - and to lead at a time of unprecedented change.

Mixed views on live music after Plan B

New research from elephant communications, conducted during Plan B restrictions, suggests mixed consumer views on returning to live music when restrictions ease. Whilst younger people are keen to get back to indoor venues as soon as possible, there is greater caution among older music fans. Many people are worried about how safe venues will be even after restrictions ease and others say they have got used to streaming arts online during two years of lockdown, and some of these habits may endure after restrictions. The picture that emerges suggests a wide range of consumer reactions and points to the need to rebuild consumer confidence in the year ahead as the country slowly re-emerges from another phase of Covid restrictions.
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