The elephant in the room

The world has changed. The implications of Brexit, like the banking crisis that went before, call for organisations to re-think the way they communicate – how and why. It is a time for fresh approaches and, perhaps, even a new rule book. We live in uncertain times - to some it is a threat, to our clients it is an opportunity.

We are a multi award-winning communications consultancy that launched and grew during the uncertainty of the austerity years. As Britain enters a new era of uncertainty, so businesses need creative and evidence-based communications advice that is attuned to the market context, the public mood and the changing media landscape. We have created a business model and service lines purpose-built to better help organisations to be relevant, to be useful - and to lead at a time of change.

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Six-year view on changing media consumption in the UK

This spring, elephant communications is running three new pieces of consumer research looking at UK news consumption habits and tracking year-on-year changes since the study began in 2012 - one of the most comprehensive studies on the subject now, spanning 30 editions of research.

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